Ultimaker 2+ Ext.


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The Ultimaker 2+ Extended is the result of continuous development of the Ultimaker 3D printer series in 3. generation and offers many new and practical features, such as: 

  • accurate 3D printer of the 3rd generation (Fused Deposit Molding)
  • extra large build volume
  • high resolution 0.02mm on z-Axis
  • Revised Feeder with ball bearings for a straightforward exchange of filament
  • Ollson Block Hotend System and exchangeable nozzles
  • optimized print cooling concept for fast and accurate printing 
  • free choice of filament Ø2.85mm 
  • heated printbed

Expect a high-resolution and accurate 3D printer for various fields of application, such as Rapid Prototyping, Small-Batch production, Consumer Printing and many more. The intelligent operating concept of the Ultimaker 2 Go ensures an easy workflow and autonomous printing via WIFI and SD-card connection.

Filafarm Pro Bundle*
You can purchase one of our optionally availabe Filafarm Pro Bundles together with your Ultimaker 2+ 3D printer.

10% on 1x FilaPrint print surface (Um2+) + 1x 750g spool PLA + 1x plated nozzle (0.4mm)

"San Francisco"
15% on 1x FilaPrint print surface (Um2+) + 1x 750g spool PLA and PETG each + 2x plated nozzle (0.25/0.4mm)

20% on 1x FilaPrint print surface (Um2+) + 1x 750g spool PLA, ABS and PETG each + 3x plated nozzle (0.25/0.4/0.6mm)



Technical Information

  • Large build volume      223 x 223 x 305mm 
  • min. layer height          0.02mm (20 Micron)
  • Velocity                            30- 300mm/S 
  • Loudness                         49db
  • Weight                              18Kg 
  • Connectivity                   WIFI / USB /  SD-Card 
  • Software                          Cura / Open Source Slicer 
  • Warranty                          12- month warranty (excluding hotend
  • Specialties                       heated printbed, LED lighting in the interior,
                                                  active dual hotend cooling


Scope of Delivery

The Ultimaker 2+ Ext. is delivered completely assembled, with a built-in OLED Controller and single extruder. You can download the free Open Source Software directly at Ultimaker Website. Each printer undergoes a test printing procedure ex works, in order to guarantee the high standards of Ultimaker.

* The Filafarm Pro Bundle contains Filament (PLA, ABS, PETG) at reduced conditions. Please enter your desired colours in the notes field during your order placement.