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Our "Filahead"

is an improved original MK-VB, produced by the developer of the legendary Jhead and made in the U.S.A.
We recommend our hotend design for  ABSPLALaywoo3DLaybrick , and all flexible Filaments that require up to 240 degree celsius temperatures. We have been using the Filahead for the last two years continuously and have found it to be a sturdy hotend that is forgiving of many beginners mistakes, while still providing excellent 3D prints. Filafarm insisted to enhance this hotend by some useful improvents for our costumers.

- lower temperatures for ABS, wich implements less warping.
- for ABS no need fo active hotendcooling, also here, less warping 
- rounded shatterproof nozzle, 
- original product 
- more safety 

- "Filahead" Hotend 0.4mm
- high quality thermistor 
- cartridgeheater 12V / 24V
- cables
- special heat resistant silicone (up to 350 degree Celsius) 
- screws and wrench 

The installation of this equipment should only be attempted by a qualified individual. Local electrical codes should be followed (for germany VDE-policies).Gross M&V and or filafarm.de and filafarm.com are not Liable for damages to property or injuries to individuals due to improper wiring or installation of our equipment