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Orbi-Tech TPU filament in natural or transparent.

The degree of hardness is approx. Shore A92. TPU is an elasitc, soft, very flexible material and almost odorless. It is rubbery and resistant to abrasion. Our TPU does not contain any plasticizers, is allergy-friendly and does not irritate the skin. The filament is resistant to hydrolysis and microbes. The stretching is about 600%. The density of TPU is about thirty percent higher than that of TPE. The layer adhesion of TPU is very good.

We recommend printing soft materials very slowly, at 15-45mm/s and at approx. 210-240°C. A heated printbed is not required. The object to be printed should be well cooled. The wire must be guided very well between the feed wheel and the nozzle so that the wire does not bend. TPU should ideally be pre-dried. For example in an oven at approx. 80°C for 2-4 hours. Typical application are drive belts, profiles, shoes or shoe soles, objects with a soft feel such as mobile phone cases. TPU adheres to our FilaPrint® permanent printing plate.

Technical Data

Diameter: 2.85mm
Material: TPU - Thermoelastic Polyurethane
Colour: Natural or Transparent
Weight: 750g

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