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Form 3 Resin Tank V2.1

Curent Price
160.65 €

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zzgl. Shipping

135.00 €

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zzgl. Shipping

SKU RT-F3-02-01

The transparent  Form 3/ Form 3B tank is made from UV-blocking acrylic material. The tank can easily and quickly be removed from the printer and reinserted. In addition, a reusable lid allows stacking of multiple tanks already filled with resin. So, left over resins after printing can safely and easily be stored outside of the Form 3/ 3B. It is recommended to use a separate resin container for each resin type. This allows you to decide spontaneously at any time with which resin you want to work.

Form 3 Resin Tank V2.1 is compatible with all Formlabs resins, but is required for use with some specific materials.


  • up to 10x longer lifespan than Form 2 tank
  • Flexible printing foil
  • Easy storage through high-quality boxes
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