Form Dental Permanent Crown Resin

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Formlabs Dental Permanent Crown Resin is a long-term biocompatible, tooth-coloured resin and available in 4 Vita shades. It offers excellent marginal fit, strength and aestetics. 

Permanent Crown Resin offers strong, long-lasting resorations with precise fitting. The low water absorption and smooth surface ensure that restorations made from Permanent Crown Resin hardly collect plaque or discolouration. 

Printed components require post-curing and post processing with Form Wash and Form Cure.

A Stainless Stell Build Platform is required for optimal aesthetics and performance.
Optionally available in a starter pack (Resin with Stainless Steel Build Platform).

Supported Print Resolution: 50 microns.

Compatible with

Examples of use

  • Single crowns
  • Inlays
  • Veneers
  • Onlays



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