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Form Wash automatically cleans SLA prints in a bath of isopropyl alcohol (IPA).
The fluid reaches all areas of the printed 3D model, even in otherwise inaccessible places. As a Form 2 user you enjoy the advantage, that the print does not have to be removed from the Build Platform. The Form Wash System is equipped with a compatible Form 2 Build Platform holder.

The ususally manual cleaning process can be very effortfull. If theprinted part remains in the alcohol for too long, it can deform. Also, the unpopular warping effect is a common result of manual reworking. From Wash immediately lifts the component out of the bath after the finishing is complete and allows it to air dry. The wash station volume measures 8.6 liters of IPA and is sufficient for post-processing about 70 SLA prints before the alcohol needs to be replaced. The built-in hydrometer informs you about this.
An included exhaust unit facilitates the replacement of the liquid.

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