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CC-Products LayPVA (Polyvinylalcohol) qualifies excellently as a support material for 3D-Printing. LayPVA is water-soluble, so supports can easily be washed out in warm water.

Product Features

  • Heat resistant
  • Ideal in combination with ABS
  • Suitable for use in 3D printers with a closed installation space
  • Formulated for better heat resistance and to protect the hotend from thermal degradation
  • Cold water soluble
  • The dissolving time is significantly reduced by slightly increasing the temperature or by adding detergent
  • The amount of water indicated on the printout should be used or the water should be changed before the solution becomes saturated
  • Solutions containing PVA can be disposed of via the wastewater


Technical Data

Diameter:  1.75/ 2.85mm
Weight: 250/750g 
Roundness: +- 0.05 mm
Ideal Print Temperature: maximal 210°C 

CC-Products LayPVA meets our high standards and is made in Germany. The excellent filament quality is characterized by user-friendliness, material durability and an outstanding print quality.
Delivery within 3-4 working days*
The delivery time refers to a delivery within Germany. The delivery times for other countries and the calculation of the delivery time can be found on our page „Shippingcharges and paymenttherms“ einsehen.