Resin Tank Form 2

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The transparent resin tank for Form 2 is made from UV blocking acrylic. 
It can be easily and quickly removed from the printer and reinserted. In addition, a reusable lid allows stacking of multiple tanks already filled with resin.
Thus, the remaining resin can be stored safely and easily after a print outside the Formlabs 2 3D printer.

It is recommended to use a separate Resin Tank for each type of resin. This allows you to decide spontaneously at any time which material you would like to work with.

Filafarm recommends: After 2-3 liters of resin consumption you should change the tank.
The resin should also not be stored in the tank for more than one month.

Caution: During longer storage of the resin in the tank, the silicone coating disolves

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