3D Printing Service and Visualisation



We create 3D prints in high quality and support you from the visualization, through the prototype, to the series production.


✔ Professional Know-how in 3D printing since 2012

✔ Individual advice

✔ Specializing in series production

✔ Express-printing

✔ Wide range of materials

✔Constant development of new plastics in our own production

✔ Filigrane Details oder überdimensionale Konstruktionen - wir machen es möglich!


In 3 steps to your individual 3D-print!

1. Contact us

Tell us about your project by using the contact form or send an email to info@filafarm.de. If you already have a 3D file, please let us know directly.

2. Receive a quote

Within 24 hours you receive a quote from us. If there are further questions, you will receive full advice on your project from our 3D-printing experts.

3. Shipping

Der Druck Ihres 3D-Objekt beginnt sofort nach Eingang Ihrer Bestellung, so dass Ihr Produkt nach unserer Qualitätssicherung schnellstmöglich lieferfertig ist.


Our service for your project

✔ Consulting and project support
At the very beginning is the idea.
We support you in the realization of your design and the selection of the production process and accompany you accurately and cost-saving through the planning phase of your project.


✔ 3D-visualization and construction (CAD)
We create 3D-visualizations for our costumer worldwide.
The focus is on 3D-design and construction for 3D-printing and prototyping.


✔ 3D-printing serivce
Exemplary application areas for 3D printing, which we implement for you:





Product design

Consumer models

Spare parts

Single pieces

Exhibition models


Small series

Medium sized series

individual pieces


Based on years of experience we create models in various 3D-priinting processes, such as FDM, SLS, SLA, DLP and Polyjet.

Thanks to fast production machines we can produce small series and medium-sized production cost effectively. We offer a wide range of materials and are constantly developing new materials. From simple Plastics such as PLA, ABS, PETG, TPU and flexible plastics to fiber-reinforced Polyamids. Hundreds of materials and colours are available.

We are happy to assist you in the selection of the right material:

Plastics (PLA, ABS, PETG)

faserverstärkt (z.B. Carbon, Fiberglas und Nylon)

ESL (leitfähig)

flexiblel (TPU, TPE, polyamid)

Food safe

By Colour (RAL)


✔ Post processing and finishing of your 3d-print
As part of the post-processing, we offer various finishes:


• Grind and polish

• paint

• Electroplating and other chemical baths


For a 3D print service request we need a 3D file (stl. Stp. Obj.). This can be created or exported with most 3D programs. If no suitable 3D file is available, we will gladly create a design as desired or simply scan the desired object.


Get in touch today and get a non-binding offer!