surfaces & sheets for 3d printing

The printbed

an essential component for a succesful 3d print is a printbed, Depending on the printmaterial, there are several options to get a strong adhesission fr your 3d print. The gap between noozle and printbed should be 0.05-0.15mm. Never touch you printbed, no matter wich material you use for it and also do not metal tools to remove your 3d prints from the bed. For a stronger adhession we reconomme the brimfunction, wich is part of the most slcerpograms, 4mm should be fine for the most prints. Also reduce your first layer speed to 18-25mm/s. Finally we want to share a few printbeds that are used for 3d printing. 

normal glas or mirrors

PLA stick well at a hotendtemperature of 200-205 degree and a printbedtemperature at 55-70 degree. The glass should be free from fat and dust. Also do not touch the glas with your hands. we reconomme to disable the hotendfan for the first layer.

smaller ABS prints can also be printed directly on glas. Fot this option you need a bedtemperature of 110 degree Celsius. The Hotendtemperatur should be set at 235-240 degree and a first layer speed between 18 and 20mm/s. 

the folowing tools can be used on glas to strenghten he layer adhession: 

-gluestick, Elmers

With a good gluestick you can print PLA cold on glas. there is no need to heat up the printbed. removing can be a bit hard, we reconomme to cool down the glas as much as possible. some people put the hole glas into a refrigerator to remove the print more easily.


is a good way to print large PLA parts directly on glas. apply the lemon juice ( yes you can youse a  fresh fruit too) diretlly on the cold glas with a crepe paper. 


add 30cm of small pieces of your ABS into 100ml of aceton and let it disolve overnight. A few gentle shaes can fasten up this process. Once you want to print your ABS on glas, take a crepe paper and apply carefully a bit of the abs juice on the "cold" glas. you will see a thin and milky coat on the glas that should be even allover the printsurface. now you can heat up your heatbed as usual and start the print. this method is nice to have a few ABS prints. for the case you want generally print in ABS we reconomme you a special printsurface for ABS. 


3D Print stick better on Borosilicateglas than on standard glas. all above mentioned methods will work on Borosilicate as well. Also the temperature should be at same level. 


Is the best known way to ave Nylon under control. For the first layer we use 80 degree Celsius and a hotendtemperature of 240 degree. If you have adhessiontroubles, you can increase the hotendtemperature carefully.