service price list(*)

3D printer raparation & programming

Analysis & estimate of costs                                    30€
Optimizing firmware and software                     105€    
Maintenance                                                      150-400€ 
Other reparations (per hour)                                   45€

Print-on-Demand (**)

"Filafarm" offers a unique print-on.demand service for your 3d printer.
Send us your requested print file, (stl, amf, obj) along with desired material and print resolution. We will then compile a professional G-Code file for your printer and send it to you by mail.

For the following 3d printer types we offer this service:
- Ultimaker 1
- Ultimaker 2 
- Prusa i2
- Prusa i3
- Mendelmax 1.5
- Mendelmax 2.0
- Mendel90
- Mini Kossel
- Rostock Max

**the cost amounted by 3d model and 3d printer type between 10-25€ per order


Education & Workshops

Online - direct support (via Skype, Teamviewer etc.)    50€/hour

Basic course 3d printing                                                         100€/person
(3 hours ,appointment on request, group rates)

Advanced course "highspeed 3d printing"                       300€/person
(4 hours, appointment on request,group rates) 

Further enquiries welcomed via our contact form or via Phone 0049 / (0)30 - 34725587
You will receive a firm quotation asap via mail

*Prices incl. 19% tax (MwSt.) & excl. Shipping Costs