Filafarm is your 3D print manufacturer and offers high quality 3D Models produced using FDM, SLS, DLP, 3DP and 3DK- methods. 
Our primary focus is on  Fused Deposition Modelling. We offer a large selection of materials and colors for many different applications delivered using FDM. 
After intensive development in this process, we can now meet our customer's high standards in finish, dimensional accuracy and cost efficiency.  


Our 3D print service provides consulting on prototypes, 3D visualisation, 3D scanning and small series production. 
We produce consumer and architecture models as well as functional cases, special and spare parts for the motorsport and automotive industry. Filafarm also deliver complex medical models and prosthetics. we use only the best materials that are able to meet our most stringent quality standards.

Our new Onlineshop allows us to offer our products and inovations for 3D printing directly to you.
Jump into the world of this cutting edge manufacturing technique with our services and products and please take a look at our Gallery and Tutorials.
Further questions or inquiries welcomed via our Contact Form and we will provide extensive consultation to facilitate your needs.