Duet 2 Maestro


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Duet 2 Maestro, the affordable controller board for 3D printer based on Arduino ARM 120MHz processor and Trinamic's "Silent" motor drivers with max. 256 microsteps.
The latest generation open source 3D printer board developed and produced by Duet3D and the M3D team. 

Duet 2 Maestro-features
Input Voltage:                                          12V to 28V
Voltage monitoring:                               Monitore Vin
Power Failure Recovery:                       Supported
Processor:                                                 120MHz Arm Cortex M4 (ATSAM4S8C)
Motor Driver:                                           5x Trinamic TMC2224 mit bis zu 1,6 A
Resolution:                                                max. 256 microsteps
Endstop Support:                                   5x (capable of Open-Source filament monitoring Add-Ons)
Heated Bed Support:                            max. 18 A 
Temperatur Sensor Support:              4x thermistor- or via Addon PT100
Fan Support:                                             1x 100%, 3x voltage controlled
Servo Support:                                         1x
Additional Motor Support:                   Extension to +2x TMC/ max. 4x Extruder
Ethernet Support:                                  100 Mbps verkabeltes Ethernet
WebInterface:                                          included 
LCD- / Touchscreen Support:              Compatible with PaneldDUE
Compatible Firmware:                          RepRapFirmware, DC42
Selectable 5V / input

Supports the development of RepRapFirmware (RRF)
RRF was written by Adrian Bowyer who started the RepRap Project in 20014, the cornerstore of the most successful 3D printers of our time.