Formlabs Form 2


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The Formlabs Form 2 offers high-precision 3D printing in the SLA process.
Formlabs' second generation opens up breathtaking print results with 40% more space and a large number of resins and leaves nothing to be desired.

Thanks to the comfortable touch screen and the wireless connection, the operation has been simplified once again. You will receive the Formlabs 2 including a Resin, the Finishing Kit and the Build Platform.
Form 2 is equipped with a 250 mW precision laser. This ensures spectacular details, even with large prints on an industrial standard.

The device is ideal for functional users, jewelers or prototype manufacturers.
Wherever precision is required and a wide range of printing materials, this SLA printer can convince with its 250 mW precision laser.

Spectacular details on industrial standard, even with large printouts and an intuitive handling characterize the Formlabs Form 2.

Technical Data
Technology                                                                SLA
Printer dimensions                                                  350 x 330 x 520 mm
Colour                                                                          silver-grey
Print head                                                                  (laser/SLA)
Manufacturer                                                            Formlabs
Manufacturer Country                                           United States
Guarantee                                                                  1 Year
Print platform                                                          heated
Supported material                                                resin
Max.Print area                                                         175 x 145 x 145 mm
Connection                                                               Wifi, Ethernet, USB
Software                                                                    PreForm
System requirements                                             Windows ab XP SP3 / Mac OS X ab 10.6.8
Data format                                                               STL, OBJ
Display                                                                        Touchscreen
Waranty                                                                      1 Jahr
Weight                                                                        17,5 kg
Special characteristics                                            very precise


Video presentation Form 2 from Formlabs

Overview features 
Form Wash and Form Cure Overview
Form 2 in the jewelery
Form 2 im dental area