Ultimaker 3 Ext.

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The Ultimaker 3 Extended offers, as the first of the Ultimaker 3D printer series, a sophisticated system for dual extrusion. Developed for professional use, Ultimaker's fourth generation offers you breathtaking possibilities for the creation of your 3D models, a large build volume and many practical features, such as:

  • Dual-Extrusion with cleverly devised lift system 
  • larger build volume: 215 x 215 x 300mm
  • accurate 3D-printer of the 4th generation (Fused Deposit Molding)
  • high resolution 0.02mm on Z-axis
  • revised feeder with ball bearings for a straightforward exchange of filament
  • practical print head changing system  
  • optimized print cooling concept for fast and accurate printing
  • free choice of filament  Ø2.85mm 
  • heated printbed
  • 1 year warranty


Expect a high-resolution and accurate 3D printer for various fields of application, such as Rapid Prototyping, Small-Batch production, Consumer Printing and many more. The intelligent operating concept of the Ultimaker 3 Ext. ensures an easy workflow and autonomous printing via WIFI and SD-card connection.



Technical information

  • Extra large build volume   215 x 215 x 300mm
  • Min. layer height                  0.02mm (20 Micron)
  • Velocity                                    30 - 300mm/S 
  • Loudness                                 49db
  • Weight                                      6.2kg 
  • Connectivity                           WIFI / USB / SD-Card 
  • Software                                  Cura / Open Source Slicer 
  • Warranty                                 12-month warranty (excluding hotend components)
  • Specialties                             heated printbed, LED lighting in the interior, active Dual-Hotend Cooling


Scope of Delivery
The Ultimaker 3 Ext. is delivered completely assembled, with a built-in OLED Controller and dual extruder. You can download the free Open Source Software directly at Ultimaker Website. Each printer undergoes a test printing procedure ex works, in order to guarantee the high standards of Ultimaker.

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