Ultimaker 2+ Connect

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The Ultimaker 2+ Connect is a beginner-friendly printer based on the Ultimaker 2+ and offers many new and practical features. With a high Z-axis resolution (0.02mm), a heated print bed and the optimized print cooling concept, accurate and fast printing results are achieved. The revised feeder with ball bearing ensures that filament changes are easy. The printing platform and electronics have also been improved compared to the previous model. The Ollson Block Hotend System and exchangeable nozzles allow a free choice of filament (Ø2.85mm).

The Ultimaker 2+ Connect enables a wide range of applications such as rapid prototyping, small series production, consumer printing and much more. The intelligent operating concept of the Ultimaker 2+ Connect guarantees a simple workflow with touchscreen and autonomous printing via W-LAN and USB.

With access to the Ultimaker Material Alliance, a database with pre-made pressure profiles, the printing process is made easier and the success rate when printing complex materials is higher. 

By additional use of the Ultimaker 2+ Air Manager up to 95% of the fine particles produced during the printing process are filtered and the results improve even more so. 

Technical information

  • Installation space                            223 x 223 x 205 mm
  • min Layerthickness                         0.02mm (20 microns)
  • Speed                                               >24mm³ / s
  • Volume                                             >50db
  • Weight                                             10.3kg
  • Connection                                      W-LAN / USB
  • Software                                          Cura / Open Source Slicer
  • Special Features                              LED lighting in the interior,
                                                              active dual hotend cooling,                                                                     touchscreen
  • Warranty                                          12 months 

Scope of delivery

The UM 2+ Connect is delivered completely assembled, with an integrated OLED controller and single extruder. The open source software can be downloaded for free directly from the Ultimaker Website. Every printer is subjected to a test at the factory in order to guarantee the high quality standard of Ultimaker.

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