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Willkommen bei Filafarm | Besuchen Sie gerne unseren Showroom in Berlin | Unsere Öffnungszeiten sind Montag - Freitag 10-16 Uhr |

Discover the breathtaking world of Rapid Prototyping

Germany's specialist for 3D printers and equipment

SLA Technology. Reliable and with an overwhelming level of detail

Discover Formlabs SLA technology

3D-Print Service and Product Design

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Print Beds by Filafarm

Smooth, Durable, Outstanding Adhesion

Duet3D Electronics

32-Bit, WIFI, up to 5x Extruder

Original Prusa 3D Printer

Innovative, Reliable, Fast


3D Visualisation

3D Scan, Product Design, Construction

3D Print Service

Single- and Series Production

Surface Coating

Grinding, Painting, Galvanising

Grinding, Painting, Galvanising

Individual Parts and Series Production