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TPU / Extrudr

by Extrudr
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Extrudr TPU (thermoplastic Polyurethane) is as availble in diverse colours and degrees of hardness. 
TPU is a flexible filament with strong layer bondage, abrasion proof and offers a high chemical resistance. 
Polyurethanes are hygroskopic and should be stored in a dry place. 
You can dry the Filament in the oven at appr. 70°C.
Typical applications are driving belts, profiles, objects with flexible haptic - for example smartphone cases, shoes or soles of shoe. Ideal also for usage in modelmaking and fpv.

TPU should be printed slow (10-50mm/S) and extruded at 210-240°C.
The filament wire must pased short and close through the hobbed bolt to the hoten to avoid twisting and to allow more control while extruding and retracting. We recommend a direct extruder, but also a modern bowden extruder will work. 
TPU will bond ideal on our FilaPrint® print surface. 

Technical Data

Material: Thermoplastic Polyurethane
Diameter: 1.75mm/ 2.85mm
Weight: 750g
Data Sheet: Download

 is a prestigious manufactor with superb and innovative filaments. 
All Extrudr products are user-friendly, consistant and allow high quality 3D printing on a very high grade. 

Delivery within 3-4 working days*
The delivery time refers to a delivery within Germany. The delivery times for other countries and the calculation of the delivery time can be found on our page „Shippingcharges and paymenttherms“ einsehen.