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Mabo Fire Extinguishing System

by mabo


Mabo is an efficient fire extinguishing system and triggers automatically at 84 ° C. Fires are fought automatically within a few seconds using a harmless liquid. Mabo is filled into special glass containers that break independently in the event of a fire. The resulting spread of the extinguishing agent extinguishes the fire within a few seconds. The formation of a glass-like film prevents afterburning. Use only in closed rooms. 
For fire class A, B, F: up to approx. 16 m³, B: Ø approx. 90 cm burning area

Impact on electrical equipment
The mabo solution is scattered like a fog, there is no risk of electric shock or short circuit. Developed for the following fire class A (flammable solids such as wood, fabric, rubber, paper and some types of plastic). Class B (flammable liquids such as gasoline, oil, etc.). Class F (K - USA) - (fire from boiling / burning oils and fats, such as olive, corn, sunflower oil etc., as well as lard and butter) operating temperature: from - 25 ° C to + 70 ° C

Areas of application
Mabo is an excellent option for all places where human life and goods need to be protected, such as B. in the area:

E-plants, control rooms, refineries, laboratories, telephone and server rooms, transformer stations, telecommunications systems, electrical control rooms and switch boxes, computer rooms, factories, production halls, offices, petrol stations, transformer stations (dry & oil-filled transformers), offshore platforms etc.

small ships (fishing boats or sports boats), passenger boats, yachts (engine rooms, fuel storage), buses, caravans, campers, locomotives etc.

Offices, apartments, restaurants, shops, hospitals, museums, archives, libraries, churches, residential buildings, hotels, kitchens etc.

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