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High Gloss PLA / ColorMorph

Curent Price
37.50 €

incl. 19% Tax,
zzgl. Shipping

31.51 €

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zzgl. Shipping


Formfutura High Gloss PLA/ ColorMorph combines two High Gloss PLA colurs in one filament.
As a result, the colour of 3D printed objects changes with every change in light source of viewing angle.
Ideal for use in many areas such as aesthetics, design and art; Creative ideas and visualization projects; Home textiles and household items

Product Features

  • Easy for beginners
  • 3D print objects with beautiful color shifting aesthetics
  • Create beautiful objects with a smooth and silky surface finish
  • Make flawless creations without visible layers
  • Available in 6 brilliant two-tone color morphing variants

Technical Data

Diameter: 1.75/ 2.85mm
Material: PLA/ Polyactide
Weight: 750g
Roundness: +-0.05mm
Temperature Resistance: approx. 50°C
Ideal Print Temperature:  215-245 °C

Formfutura High Gloss PLA/ ColorMorph meets our high standards and is made in the Netherlands. The excellent filament quality is characterized by user-friendliness, material durability and an outstanding print quality.


Delivery within 1-2 weeks*
The delivery time refers to a delivery within Germany. The delivery times for other countries and the calculation of the delivery time can be found on our page „Shippingcharges and paymenttherms“ einsehen.