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HIPS (Polystyrol / Polystyrene )

is an easy to print Filament for interesting applications. This material is similar to ABS, heatresistant -  with less warping and better layer adhesion. HIPS dissolves in lemon acid wich allows you to use it also as a support material, specially for ABS, since the print properties are similar to it. Printed parts from HIPS qualify this filament for rigid and functional parts.  


filament diameter:                            1.75 / 3mm 
material:                                                ABS / Acrylnytril Butatien Styrol
spool quantity:                                    750g  (excl. Spool)
filament roundness:                          +-0.05 mm
temperature resistance:                 approx. 95°C
ideal print temperature:                 235-255°C

Orbi-Tech HIPS meets our high standards and is made in Germany. The excellent filament quality is characterized by user-friendliness, material durability and an outstanding print quality.