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Original Prusa Curing and Washing Machine (CW1S)



The Original Prusa CW1S is a 4-in-1 multipurpose device
which takes care of the pre-print and post-print tasks: preaheating the resin to optimal printing temperature as well as washing, drying and curing of the printed model. 

This all-in-one device with a robust, compact body and smart design takes 3D printing to the next level, making it a much more convenient and efficient process.

For optimal surface properties, objects printed from liquid resin should be washed in isopropylalcohol (to remove resin residue) and cured with UV light using the CW1S post-processing device.
The curing and washing machine makes the otherwise long and unwieldy process a breeze.

The matching Original Prusa MSLA-Drucker can be found here.

Product features

  • Resin preheat
  • Washing using magnet driven propeller to create a vortex and wash resin residue from the print
  • Automatisches drying after washing
  • Cures the print using 4 UV LED strips
  • Energy consumption
    • Preheating/ Drying: ≤ 135W
    • UV curing: 50W
    • Washing: 6W

Technical Data

Curing:  4 UV LED Streifen
UV LED wavelength: 405nm
Max. LED power: 52,8W
Power supply: Input 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 2.0A. Output: 24V, 6.67A, 160W
Working Temperature: 16-38°C 
Dimensions: 21.8 × 34.5 × 23.2 cm (D×H×W)
Shipping box size: 39 × 46 × 40 cm (D×H×W)

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