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Laywoo-D3 Flex

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24.89 €

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20.92 €

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CC-Products Laywoo-D3 Flex, the evolutionary wood imitation looks like wood, and smells like wood.

It is made from 40% recycled wood and 60% biding polymer. Depending on your application, you can print at approx. 180°C for a light wood look and approx 250°C for a dark wood look. Annual ring optics can also be achieved this way.

For best results, print on an unheated bed with BlueTape and allow the product to cool on the bed.

Product Features

  • Grinding and polishing of the printed objects is possible
  • No warping
  • Stable
  • Flexible wood filament

Technical Data

Diameter: 1.75/ 2.85mm
Material: Polymer/ Wood
Weight: 250g 
Ideale Print Temperature: 175°C-250°C
Temperature Resistance:  similar to PLA (ca. 60°C)

CC-Products Lay-Filaments (TM) meet our high standards and are made in Germany. The excellent filament quality is characterized by user-friendliness, material durability and an outstanding print quality.

Delivery within 1-2 weeks*
The delivery time refers to a delivery within Germany. The delivery times for other countries and the calculation of the delivery time can be found on our page „Shippingcharges and paymenttherms“ einsehen.