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Filafarm PETG/Carbon combines the technical features of PETG and carbon nano partciles. 
PETG/Carbon is extremely durable, resist to impact, and temperature resistant up to 90°C.
Printing this filament is simple. This filament is warping free, and offers a strong layer bondage, so you can print even large parts easily. 

The carbon nano particles offer a nice look. They will increase the stability of the printed parts and reduce weight 
This way the layer almost dissapear.We recommend for this abrasive filament our plated nozzles or the Olsson Ruby Nozzle.

Diameter                                              1,75 / 2,85mm 
Material                                                PETG-Carbon / Polyethylenterephthalat mit Carbon
Weight                                                   500g (ohne Leerspule)
Roundness                                           +-0,05 mm
Temperatur resistance                   ca. 90°C
ideal print temperature                 210-240°C


Filafarm PETG/Carbon meets our high standards.
The excellent filament quality is characterized by user-friendliness, material durability and an outstanding print quality.

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