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Ultimaker Nylon




Ultimaker Nylon is a popular filament used by many manufacturing companies worldwide. Resilience, flexibility, low friction, corrosion resistance and last but not least the ratio of weight to robustness - the ability to withstand mechanical loads is excellent with this filament. Consequently, it is particularly suitable for the production of tools, functional prototypes and end-use parts.
Of course, the new version of the Cura software also provides useful material profiles for this material. which makes printing even easier. The NFC chip built into the coil transmits data about material information and remaining length directly to Cura. The filament can be easily processed by all Ultimaker printers and other FDM printers. The built-in NFC chip, however, can only be read by the Ultimaker 3. Incidentally, nylon can be printed very well together with the water-soluble backing material PVA. This allows you to easily print even more complex shapes. 

Material                                          Nylon
Weight                                             750g (ohne Leerspule)
Roundness                                     <0,1 mm
Print temperature                      245-260°C
Special properties                     lange haltbar, leicht flexibel
Manufactor                                  Ultimaker
Heatbed                                          60°C


Ultimaker Nylon meets our high standards.
The excellent filament quality is characterized by user-friendliness, material durability and an outstanding print quality.

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