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Duet 2 Wifi with external antenna

by Duet3D


Duet 2 Wifi
controller board with external antenna for 3D-printers, based on a 32-Bit ARM processor and 5x TMC2660 stepper drivers. This electronic board provides 12V und 24V stepper, heat elements and 3.3V sensors. Duet Wifi can be connected via PC, tablet or smartphone on the same wireless network to the board web interface. The external antenna expands the reach of the wirless network and allows to encase the Duet 2 Wifi.

Various daughterboards enable the use of many sensors and up to 10 steppers.

Compatible PanelDue Colour-Touchdisplays by Duet3D
PanelDue 5.0"
PanelDue 7.0"

Daughterboard for stepper

Daughterboards for temperature sensors
PT100 Daughter Board
Thermocouple Daughter Board

Daughterboards for other sensors
David Crocker IR Probe
Rotating Magnet Filament Sensor
Laser Filament Monitor

Further Add Ons
Expansion Breakout Board
Delta Smart Effector

Duet 2 Wifi is open source and compatible with many 3D-printers, CNC-mills and laser cutters. The electronics are ideal for commercial use as well as private use.


  • Powerful 32 Bit Processor: Atmel Sam4E8E 120MHz ARM Cortex-M4 mikro controller with floating point unit, 512Kb flash memory, 128Kb RAM and many peripheral devices
  • Dedicated WiFi module, relieves main processor, ensures even more precise stepper motor control and allows further special functions
  • Extra quiet TMC2660 stepper motor driver: SPI controlled, with up to 256 micro steps, optionally with16-fold interpolation at 16 micro steps
    Hardware Support - variable micro steps and support for variable motor current for optimal speed and efficiency
  • On Boardhigh speed SD-card and supports a second external SD-card
  • Dual extruder: 3 heating elements/ thermistor ports for heating bed and 2 extruder
  • 3 PWM- and 2 continuous operation ports for fans
  • maximal load of the stepper motor drives 2.8A, currently software limited to 2A,
    print beds up to a maximum of 15A
  • Connection via PC, tablet or smartphone via WiFi network to the on- board web interface
    No app installation, internet connection or cloud necessary
    Prints can be started directly via the WiFi (upload, start, stop etc.)
  • No compiling of the firmware. Easy configuration via the web interface
  • Connection via USB or serial possible
  • WPA-2 encryption for network security
  • Open source electronics. Allows control of many 3D-printers, CNC-milling and laser cutters
  • Can be expanded with up to 7 extruders and 5 additional stepper motor drivers
  • Firmware support of mixer extruders and powerful external stepper motor drivers
  • Support for full-colour touch screen displays - PanelDue with virtual keyboard
  • Gcode enabled for maximum flexibility
  • Further development of calibration support for sensors
  • Automatic ADC gain calibration for thermistors, allows accurate reading of thermistors. Expandable with PT100 und thermo element Addons

Further information here.

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