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Ultimaker S5 Material Station



The Ultimaker S5 Material Station offers space for up to 6 filament spools and is installed directly on the Ultimaker S5 3D printer.

By automatically switching to the next required coil during printing, productivity becomes independent and increases. This is when the filament runs out on a spool as well as for constantly changing spools between different main print materials.

The humidity is kept at a maximum of 40% by means of an integrated de-humidifier. This makes the material station ideal for storing and printing moisture-sensitive materials such as Nylon and PVA

Can print a variety of filaments

ABS, PLA, CPE, CPE+, Nylon, PC, PP, PVA, TPU, BioFusion, GreenTec Pro, Breakaway, Proto-Pasta, GreenTec Pro Carbon, FibreTec+ and much more.

Product features

  • Open filament system
  • Simple and fast handling
  • Continuous printing
  • Integrated filament runout sensors
  • Feeder specially coated for abrasive materials such as Proto-Pasta, GreenTec Pro Carbon, FibreTec+ and more
  • Controlled humidity

Technical data

Capacity: 6 Spools
Spool width: 50-70 mm
Outer spool diameter: 197-203 mm
min. spool core diameter: 98 mm
Dimensions: 491 x 438 x 400 mm
Weightt: 17.7 kg
Operating temperature:  15-32 °C


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