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This Printbed-Kit offers the best performance, precision and rigidity for all fff-printers.
Our high performance Silicone Heater gets you to 110°C in less than 5 minutes.
The Precision Plate means warped print beds are a thing of the past.
A solid state relay incl. heatsink provides heater control and makes connecting to all known (open source) 3d-printers simple. We offer this product in several standard variations for 3d printers. 


The NoBase is available customized for your needs.  All formats, threaded/taped holes and cutouts are available.
Further enquiries are welcome via our  Contact Form

3D-Printer based on MK2/3 heatbed
- original Mendel
- Mendel90
- Mendelmax
- Prusa i2
- Prusa i3
- Vellemann K8400
- and all fff-printer based on  MK2/Mk3 heatbed 

The installation of this equipment should only be attempted by a qualified individual. Local electrical codes should be followed (for Germany VDE-policies). The Company Gross M&V (filafarm.de and filafarm.com) is not liable for damages to property or injuries to individuals due to improper wiring or installation of our equipment.