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Capricorn XS PTFE

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Capricorn XS 
is a brandnew, innovative and specially for 3D printing designed high-end PTFE tube. 

It is made from pure Japanese resin and a new developed additive and is excellent for printing flexible filaments.
Compared to standard PTFE, this tube offers unique advantanges and makes this product to a game changer in 3D printing. Due to the low friction and temperature resistance, Capricorn XS is ideally suited as a hotend liner. 

Enjoy the benefits of a lightweight bowden extruder and the filament control of direct extruders.
Capricorn XS improves the extrusion behavior and is the perfect upgrade for many 3D printers.

Product features

  • Made from pure Japanese resin 
  • Transparent
  • Accurate inner diameter <0.05mm and outer diameter <0.0
  • Especially deform resistant against heat
  • Reduced inner diameter for 3D printing applications
  • Sgnificantly lower slip
  • Ideal for printing flexible filaments
  • Advanced extrusion control

We recommend Capricorn XS with following Products

Ultimaker 2 
Ultimaker 2+ 
Ultimaker 2+ Connect
Ultimaker S3 
Ultimaker S5
Prusa i3 Mk2/2s with Multicolour Upgrade 
Prusa i3 Mk3S
Prusa i3 Mk3S+
Raise3D with Bondtech 
Raise3D Pro3 
Raise3D Pro3 Plus
Raise3D E2CF IDEX Dual Extruder
and all 3D Printers with Bowdenextruder

E3D V5 & V6 Hotend

Bondtech Extruder

Capricorn PTFE Cutter 

Technical Data

Additive: Secret High Performance Additive
Pulling Friction: 0.76
Colour: Dark Blue
Density (kg/m3): 2300 +/-100
Hardness: 60-65
Inner Diameter (mm): 1.9 +/- 0.05
Linear Thermal Expansion at 250 °C: 2.2-3.3%
Recommended Printing Temperature (°C): max. 260
Melting Point (°C): ca. 340
Outer Diameter (mm): 3.995 +/- 0.025
Roundness: < 0.1
Stiffness: Medium-High
Thermal Conductivity (W/m-k): 0.25
Wear Rate (gm/s): 0.01
Young's Modulus (GPa): >0.532

Please recalibrate your retract settings. 
Reduce the retract length by 50% and lengthen it stepwise, until there is no stringing effect visible.  
Delivery within 3-4 working days*
The delivery time refers to a delivery within Germany. The delivery times for other countries and the calculation of the delivery time can be found on our page „Shippingcharges and paymenttherms“ einsehen.

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